Pike fishing:

Autumn and spring are the best time for catching pikes. They can be found in shallow waters by the shore in spring time and after spawn they can get extremely hungry. When the sea warms up pikes tend to move in the deeper areas where the sea is cooler. In autumn pikes return in shallow waters and it is well worth replacing the fishing line with a stronger one. These two seasons are best when looking for catching over 10kg pikes. Guide will know where the best spots are to be found.

Jigging pike-perch and perch:
Fishing with a jig is getting more and more popular. Jigs are intended to create a jerky motion to attract fish. Jig is especially used to catch pike-perch and perch but pike, carp bream and burbot can occasionally take an interest in this rubbery snack.


Quickest and cheapest way to go fishing is ‘last minute deal’. Fishers come and pick you up by boat and within few minutes you’ll find yourself on the fishing ground. Added bonus is to enjoy attractions of Naantali such as Kultaranta, ‘Old town’ and Moominworld while fishing.

Tours take approximately 2 hours. Price is 240€ (including VAT) up to 5 people. Price includes fishing equipment, professional guide, boat, life jacket and insurance. PLEASE NOTE fishing management fee is a tax-like fee payable to the State if a person between 18 and 64 years of age practises fishing. The seven day fee is 7€.

Tour example:
One day fishing trip by boat. One to five persons 640€ including VAT.
Price includes: fishing equipment, professional guide, boat, life jacket, packed lunch, liability insurance and you will be taken to best fishing waters by boat.

This is just one of the many examples. Every fishing trip can be made individually to fulfil your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us! 


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